Protect your company
from bad apples.

An accurate early warning service designed to protect your business and shareholder value. Helping you build with integrity and transparency.

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Safeguard your startup's full potential with a watchful eye, giving you expert oversight in finance, governance, IP, and beyond.

It’s not just about the money

Losing any form of integrity or investor confidence in your startup can be devastating.

So take a small step to ensure you always start on the right footing.

Your specialist eyes and ears

Not everyone is an accountant or auditor. We work as your second set of eyes and ears.

Making sure the firm is safe from harm and any bad actors.

Stop reacting, start acting.

Our early warning systems help you as a Founder take action well in advance, instead of reacting in the moment.

Helping you retain control, no matter fast you're growing.

We’re your early warning system.

Working in the background, Portend is like an insurance policy. With our simple setup, our technology helps you identify issues within minutes of them being identified. Giving you time to act, instead of reacting to keep your business on that growth pathway.

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Bill Mac

Secondtime Founder

I wished we would have had Portend installed in my last Startup. It would have helped identify issues months before hand with the board and given us time to act.

Steve Bell

Founder, Technically Creative

Raising our SEIS round has been simplified, installing investor confidence in our data room through our early growth.

I would hands down recommend Portend to any Founder even thinking of raising funds this year.


CEO, FinTech Startup

Getting access to the Portend Financial Beta helped us identify two weaknesses in governance during the early days of our firm.

Taking a solution to my investors over a problem helped build up that relationship and trust when we needed it most.

Raising in 2024?
You need to be ahead of the pack.

Potential investors are looking for firms that go above the norm, and having Portend live auditing in place, shows you take governance and financial controls seriously.

It helps to protect both their and your shareholder value.

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We help you keep everything under control, so you can grow.

Our technology works by looking at all the little things. Running your company financials, governance and communications through rigid, secure and robust checks helps us identify any future issues - no matter the type.

Give your investors confidence in the information they receive as it is continually audited. This will unlock doors for you much faster as you grow.

All it takes is a few clicks for yourself or ask your Angel Investor or VC firm if they are part of our partner program to get started.

01. Click and Connect

You can signup in just a few clicks. After purchasing a service plan, you get connected to an Audit Agent who helps you every step of the way in connecting up services.

Don't have time? You can delegate other team members to connect your services for you.

02. Invite Shareholders

Portend is designed to alert you as a Founder or a Board of Directors to issues and risks that can effect your business.

To reap the most rewards from your largest shareholders, its advised you invite them along so they can help when you identify things early.

03. Dashboard-less

We're not just another dashboard - our technology is built to be as nonintrusive as possible.

Working in the background after you've connected up some services, we monitor data and you'll only hear from us if there is an alert or warning.

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