Your early warning system has arrived with real time due diligence.

We help the Founders and Teams you back detect integrity issues in advance. Real time due dilligence means you can act with clarity instead of reacting as a result.

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The cost of a failed investment goes way beyond financial.
Our technology & experts help predict and mitigate risks.

It’s not just about the money

Beyond financial, we analyse all types of data within a company.

Identifying anything that could cause stakeholders to loose confidence, jeopardise the business or shareholder value.

Governance, without the cost

Portfolio companies are fast moving by their very nature.

But ‘fake it till you make it’ and ‘growth culture’ shouldn’t come at the expense of corporate governance and transparency.

Stop reacting, start acting.

Monitoring behaviour, data flows, transactions and more; over extended periods of time means we see issues at the micro level.

Giving founders and the board time to act in saving, securing and growing further.

We know you’re busy. So we made dashboard usage optional.

Dashboards are so 2023. We worked hard to ensure our alert systems behave more like an insurance policy, not just another SaaS dashboard. We alert you when things need to be brought to your attention. No news - from us - is good news.

For the companies, it's a simple integration process and we have an entire team on hand to help them onboard without a headache.

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Laura Noonan

Editor @ Financial Times

Financial Conduct Authority will examine ‘disciplines and governance’ as concerns over potential blow-ups increase. The FCA will look at who within a firm is accountable for valuations, how information is passed upwards and what other governance procedures are in place.

Jason Lemkin

CEO @ SaaStr Fund

Every VC does a confirmatory due-diligence, but when things go wrong post-investment it nearly always never comes out - as it’s written to zero. Therefore VCs are not talking about it and it’s more of a problem then GPs like to admit

John Ray III

Restructuring Officer @ FTX

In venture back businesses, nearly every situation in which I have been involved has been characterised by defects of some sort in internal controls, regulatory compliance, human resources and systems integrity

Simulated governance technology brings out the best in businesses.

By monitoring and live auditing a startup no matter the maturity of its board and management team, the shareholders and the business itself can benefit from having safeguards in place to keep them on track no matter the stage.

Creating good habits early on, without getting in the way allows your investments to reach their full potential.

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Frictionless integration for any type of business, not just SaaS.

We integrate into the fundamentals of any company, no matter if it’s SaaS, PaaS, Marketplace, Goods or Service based.

Designed to be installed by founders/companies in small parts - we can ensure auditing, third party checks and custom software or services are integrated without issue.

Our world leading technology team can also create custom API calls for those bits of kit that need monitoring but are not off the shelf.

How much does Portend Cost?

We do not charge the funds or VCs for our services, instead our pricing is tied to and paid for by the startups.

Our pricing is along similar lines as an insurance policy and scales based on the amount of funding a startup has raised during its lifetime. In the UK, funding is linked to SEIS, EIS and VCT thresholds.

Starting from £1,995 per year for those startups raising less than £250,000 - its the most affordable due diligence service on the market.

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03. Work with us

We understand every investment has its own "set of rules" this is why we can work with you fee free to build custom checks/DD requirements from your shareholder agreements.

Giving your LPs confidence in your ability to pick best in class firms.

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